Our mission is to create strong, long-lasting business relationships with both our suppliers and customers. We believe that honesty, transparency and flexibility are the only way to achieve mutual success.


We have collectively 20 years of experience in the trade and manufacture of electronics. This allowed us to achieve a high level of financing of our business, which allows us to deliver amazing value.


We source branded products which assure only the best quality. Why not contact us to see if we can meet your expectations, as well as the types of products and prices we offer.

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Traders & Manufacturers of Consumer Electronics.

Phanton Trade are the holders of the NUKE Systems manufacturing license for Eastern Europe.

Check out NUKE and the range of products that we manufacture here in Poland.

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We stay on top of our industry by being experts in innovation. We measure our success by the results we drive for our clients.

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We can also deliver to your warehouse after settlement.

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